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Happy Tuesday everybody! I’m honestly so happy to be in touch with you here again!
Last week my computer broke and you can imagine the panic when I realized that most of my pictures and videos were still in there. I thought I won’t be able to publish anything for weeks and I said goodbye to all the materials. Luckily two amazing guys at the computer service saved the day (and week and month) and put my baby together. Of course the first thing I did was the backup of all important things!
But anyway! Here I am with another blog post about my planner for 2020.

As you might already know, for 2020 I chose the Ella Iconic SEO of My Own Life daily planner in Silk White. What I really like about it is that this planner is not like any other I’ve seen so far. It’s playful, creative, full of interesting pages and sections and I truly enjoy using it so far.
Because this is my first Ella Iconic planner, I’m still kind of creating my own system of using it properly but I hope I will be able to tell you more about my planning routine by the summer holiday (lol).

In the Ella Iconic planner there already are selected four areas of life so you can just assign optional colors to them and stick with this system.
However, I discovered the art of color-coding my planner years before and I created my own system which doesn’t have to work for all of you but if you haven’t figured out one of your own yet, feel free to inspire and maybe try it my way.


The color-coding method was proposed and analyzed in 1994 by Noga Alon, Raphael Yuster, and Uri Zwick.

In computer science and graph theory, the term color-coding refers to an algorithmic technique which is useful in the discovery of network motifs. For example, it can be used to detect a simple path of length in a given graph.


In planning, the color-coding method can be used as some kind of a guide to setting your limits which all of us need at some point.
You simply cannot do that task because you already have a lot of yellow or orange on the calendar page. Color-coding can therefore force you to block off time for yourself, your friends and family. If the section is already blocked off with pink or green (see the legend on the right), you simply can’t put something orange or yellow there, if that makes sense.

As funny as it may sound, color-coding your life can help you with keeping the balance. It doesn’t necessarily mean you will suddenly experience endless periods of free time spent with your friends and family. However, it will definitely help you to feel less stressed, less overwhelmed and more organized.

Remember that the true balance doesn’t really exist but setting your priorities and maintaining a commitment to them does. Balance doesn’t mean equal to or the same, it simply refers to a feeling of contentment and harmony.

Is it necessary to use that many colors? For me definitely yes!
Both physiologically and psychologically our brain needs different types of activities. When we engage in too much or too little of certain activities, we can easily become immune to the emotions it creates. Maintaining a healthy variety of tasks, people, experiences and chores keeps our brains engaged and… well, simply happy.


Yellow is for
• Work, e.g., working hours, meetings with clients, deadlines, tasks OR
• School, e.g., homework, tests, exams

Purple is for
• Blog and YouTube, e.g., filming, editing, writing posts, taking picures

Blue is for
• Workouts, gym days…

Pink is for
• Self care, e.g., mani & pedi, washing my hair, home spa
• Personal growth, e.g., reading, setting goals

Green is for
• Travelling
• Meetings (personal, not for work)
• Appointments, e.g., dentist, hairdresser
• Calls

Orange is for
• Home and household, e.g., cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry days


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