Oversized Cropped Knitted Sweater

We went to Bratislava Castle only to take some backup pictures. Just for fun. But while posing in front of the camera, I came up with an idea to make a blog post about my favorite oversized cropped knitted sweater that I love to wear even though I have it for some time now and it’s already worn out a little. I also know it’s not the most flattering piece in my closet. Because of its cropped design and thicker fiber it sizes up my figure but – OH MY GOD – the comfort!

Lately the weather was pretty warm so I decided to go without a coat and I was fine. I only wore a thin white tank top underneath and I chose simple blue jeans and glossy black ankle boots with high heels. The only accessories I wore were my star sign golden necklaces that I layered. However, later I noticed it was too fine and I should’ve chosen something bolder.

Do you also like to wear comfortable clothes that aren’t the most suitable or you chose perfect fit for the price of little discomfort? Let me know!

xo Candy


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