New Year New Me

Happy New Year everyone!
Welcome to my new blog and my very first blogpost! Some of you might already know me from my previous blog, youtube or instagram beacause I have been creating online content for more than seven years now. However, everything I did was in my native language which is Slovak.
As I was thinking about this whole blogging thing earlier I came up with an idea of creating my content in English even though I am not a native speaker and I still make some mistakes. Actually, I’ve been thinking about this for about two years and even though I decided to let the idea go so many times before, it always came back to me again.
Because of (or thanks to?) some unfortunate events of last summer I definitelly decided to give it a try! You know… I just realized – and I learned it the hard way – that life is just too short and too fragile to hesitate all the time and just keep thinking about things instead of actually doing them. It’s too precious to not be doing things you want to do and not fulfill your dreams – even the smallest ones about starting your blog all over again.

In the beggining of 2019 I was thinking about my ‘word for the year’ which would set up the tone of the following 365 days and after considering everything that was on my plan I came up with the perfect one – PROCESS. The funny thing was that at the same time my word for the year 2020 came up without me knowing a thing about what was coming (okay, I knew about the wedding but still…). The word was CHANGE. It resonated with me for the whole ‘year of process’ and I knew it will be the tone of 2020.
By the end of 2019 almost all events started to show me I was right and I chose both of my words correctly. However, starting this blog is just the first small step in the process of change. It is a huge step out of my comfort zone and it’s also quite a challenge for me, but that’s how you grow, right?

I’ve decided to switch to English for couple of different reasons and each of them makes sense to me even after all the time I’ve been thinking about doing so.
One of the reasons is I have always felt more comfortable talking and writing in English even though I know my English is far from perfect. I have always loved this language more than my native language in every aspect you can imagine.
Another reason is that I just feel that the english-speaking community all over the world is really friendly and supportive probably because the more people understands you, the bigger chance to find the nice and kind people among all of the viewers, if that makes sense.
Last but not least is my comfort zone. I simply feel that I started to be too comfortable in terms of my blog and YouTube channel and it just wasn’t good for me and my creativity. I feel that I need to make this step out of my comfort zone to stay focused and also to grow.

This decision wan’t easy because I know some of my former followers including my mom don’t speak English which means they won’t follow my work anymore. What helped me a lot was when my mom, the most important follower for me, told me she doesn’t have to understand to watch what I do anyway. Another thing that pushed me to finally go for it was Gabo, my fiancé, who – after I told him about my ideas – looked me and said ‘I don’t know why you didn’t do it already’.
They were the only two people who knew about my intention and when two most important people in my life supported me no matter what… I think I couldn’t wish for more and do anything but the first step towards my dream.

Sure I know you cannot change everything completely at once. A change is a continual and natural process of everything in this world but only people can undergo a change on purpose and consciously. That’s what I want to focus at this year and although I try to convince myself it’s no big deal, I still feel very excited and I cannot wait for everything that comes my way!

xo Candy



  1. 1. januára 2020 / 15:50

    Nice surprise.. I AM happy with your decision and wish you luck. I cant wait to another blog post ?

    • candygrant
      1. januára 2020 / 16:35

      Thank you so much, dear! ♥

  2. 2. januára 2020 / 11:15

    I am hella proud! ? Can’t wait to see more.

    • candygrant
      2. januára 2020 / 12:20

      Thank you so much, Viki!!! ♥

  3. 2. januára 2020 / 14:54

    You cant imagine how glad i am that you decided to write your blog in english language! <3 Best wishes!

    • candygrant
      2. januára 2020 / 15:18

      Thank you so much! I’m happy you like it ♥

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