New Hydrating Skincare Line From Weleda

Do you also love new skincare products as much as I do? For me trying a new skincare is just so exciting! I’ve been trying quite a few new products lately but some of them really stood out. And as you can tell, I’ll talk about them today!

I don’t remember if I’ve already mentioned, but I have this thing for Weleda. For me, this brand is really special and I infinitely admire their philosophy. You know, they’re not just a producer. They really care about the nature and human beings as a whole and this holistic approach really inspires me.

This year Weleda launched a brand new skincare line designed for every skin which needs some extra moisture or has trouble with keeping it. I believe everyone can find their product within this line, however I’d recommend it mostly for younger, combination to oily skin.

These products hydrate & refresh the skin and also support its ability to balance the water supply. Every product is of a very light texture so they are very good for layering within your skincare routine – or at least that’s what I like to do myself. The products are quickly absorbed leaving the skin refreshed and with a nice hydrated feeling.

The key plant in this line is the prickly pear cactus that is capable of surviving even in the driest of climates thanks to its ability to store the moisture in its fleshy leaves.
Another powerful ingredient is an aloe vera extract which is not only hydrating but also soothing on the skin (and it’s also one of my most favorite plant extracts in skin care).
Because of these two ingredients you can also find an alcohol in the ingredient list. However, it is a natural byproduct of the extracts from these two plants as well as the larch bark that is present in the lotion, the mist and the eye gel. It’s also a necessary preservative because the aloe extract tends to spoil pretty quickly.

The prickly pear used in these products comes from Jalisco, Mexico. It’s grown in an organic and sustainable agriculture that takes care of biodiversity and a soil health. Weleda also invented a new way of processing the prickly pear for their products with use of a sustainable resources, like solar energy.

Hydrating Mist (for all skin types) is very fine and gentle and you can use it multiple ways – as a refreshing face spray anytime during the day, as a toner thanks to its astringent effect on the skin. You can also use it before or after doing your makeup to prep your skin or to get rid of the dry powdery feeling that sometimes occur after setting your look. I, however, like to use this mist primarily to wet the skin during my routine as I use some products that should be applied to a damp skin – like hyaluronic acid serums or oils.

Hydrating Face Cream (for normal to dry skin) is a very light cream that in my opinion is great for a skincare layering as a basic moisturizer before you apply your sunscreen (which you always should, you know that, right?). My skin (combination oily) likes this product so much more than the lotion and it feels super hydrated and somehow plumped and unified in a tone after using. I use it daily after cleansing & serums and before my SPF.

Hydrating Face Lotion (normal to oily) on the other hand is not that well accepted by my skin. It is very light with a gel-like consistency which should be the right one for my skin type, however my skin feels tight after using and applying a layer of SPF is not enough for me. Moreover, I’ve also noticed that with this lotion my skin’s pilling which I don’t like at all.

Hydrating Eye Gel (all skin types) has also a very light gel consistency and it comes with a massaging metal ball to help you smooth the product on your skin while gently massaging. The metal ball is really soothing and refreshing on the skin and the effect is even better when stored in the fridge. However, the ball gets stuck a lot which leads to an excessive pulling of the fine skin around your eyes. On the other hand the product itself is really good and it makes me use it regularly even though I’m not a huge eye cream person at all!

All in all, for me the first two products are a 100% recommendable while the latter two I’ll leave with a little question mark as I believe it depends on your skin’s preferences. Plus the massage ball is not something I’d be very happy about.
I’m sure, however, that this skin care line will have a lot of fans as it is well made and in a great quality of ingredients (which I’m sure about)!


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