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Today is for dreaming. And what I dream about the most lately is the perfect forever home that my husband and I will hopefully build one day in the future. Currently we’ve been renting a teeny-tiny studio apartment for almost five years and I have to tell you – it’s getting too small and insufficient for both of us, Rufus and all our stuff.
For me a level-up-kind-of-home that would make me infinitely happy would be a one bedroom apartment with a separate kitchen and living room, a balcony, a bathtub (especially!) and more than two windows (because that’s the exact amount of windows that we currently have).
I don’t mean to say that living in “our” studio is necessarily bad but it would be nice to have a couple more doors. And a bathtub! That is something I probably crave the most. I would also love to have my own furniture (because we rented a furnished apartment) and adjust everything for us and our needs.
And even though this kind of upgrade would make me more than happy and I hope that my wish will come true someday soon (a.k.a. in the following 2 years? Please, Universe!), it’s not my ultimate idea of our forever home.

Home. For me home is whenever my parents live and whenever my husband is. He is my home. He always was for as long as we’ve been together which is now a little over ten years. It’s a place you come back to after a long day and feel safe and protected. A place where you can be completely yourself and free from all of the expectations, other’s opinions and everything you should do or say or think or be.
I’ve lived in couple of homes so far none of which was my own and in all these places I dreamed about what a perfect home for me would look like.
As I was growing up and changed along the way, my visions of a perfect home changed accordingly. There used to be times when I wanted everything to be only white or light pink and light blue which now seems too childish (and I know I also used to have that childish mindset). I find it totally okay if somebody likes this princess kind of style, but it’s not pretty for me anymore. And the constant process of changing is the reason why I’m still not very sure about sending this kind of post into the world because I’m pretty sure my opinions and preferences will eventually change anyway before I even get close enough to purchasing any kind of estate. But because I love this kind of posts and I just believe that the change is simply a part of the process I truly enjoyed writing down my notes and searching for the illustration pictures. And I hope you’ll like it too.
And maybe someday in the future we can meet here again and see what actually became my reality!

As to the style, I’d say I’m a typical Gemini. I like modern farmhouse interiors as well as light airy and boho ones. I like modern and classic, spacious and cozy, light and bold and I admire the sense for mid-century modern and art deco elements. All this leads to one obvious conclusion – I want it all!
I mean it! I truly need to find some way to combine these different styles into a perfect fit that would align with my aesthetics. Plus I have to leave some space for my husband’s visions as well of course (and I already know that those are on the modern industrial & cosmopolitan side)…

The Outside

I want a house, not an apartment. And I’d love it to be placed somewhere far from other buildings, surrounded with a large land – a garden and maybe a little private grove. I’d like it to be placed somewhere near to any kind of natural water area like lake or creek, I don’t exactly mean a waterfront house but that would be nice too.
I also want to have a place for cooking outside and a BBQ place, a little piece of land to grow my own veggies and herbs and lately I’ve been also thinking of having my own chicken.

I’m still not very sure about the architecture because I like modern type of houses (as you can see on the right picture) but I also admire and long for something I call “classic American” (I don’t know, I’ve never been there but that’s what I see in movies) which you can find below. I like the structure of these buildings. On the other hand, those modern buildings that are nowadays built here in Europe (that are basically just cubes) make me feel disturbed and uncomfortable. And I also love those front porches!

The Inside

Now this is the hard part where the multiple styles fight with each other a little. What I know for sure is that I want a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a master bedroom, a guest room, an office for me and one for Gabs, kids rooms maybe (we’re not really talking about having kids but you never know), a masters bathroom, a guest bathroom, kids bathroom (again, you never know), a closet / dressing room and maybe a spare room or two which equals a LARGE house! I’m also totally sure about the masters bathroom which I’d like to have both a bath and a shower, two basins and a window for a daylight.
I also know I want something marble and a lot of gold and rose gold details. Having a fireplace would be nice as well! I want to have a lot of plants (which I work on already) and I would LOVE to have a huge walk in greenhouse with tropical plants and a couple of ara parrots. I know that it’s a little too fancy and eccentric but we’re dreaming today.
Another important traits I’d love to combine is cozy with airy. I really like rooms with a lot of space and a good amount of light that are cozy and comforting at the same time. I’d like to learn how to combine basic colors of white, black, grey and beige with some bold accents of burgundy, emerald and dark blue.
As I’m thinking about it while writing these words, I need to learn a lot about interior design to be able to make all of the above aesthetically pleasant not only for me, but also for my husband and pretty much anyone who will ever have a chance to see my future home.
Oh, and the floor! I love bold wooden floors so that’s something to keep in mind too.

So this is pretty much everything I was able to put together in a kind of logical sequence of sentences – because in my mind it looks a lot more chaotic! And sometimes it makes me feel I’d need to live at least ten lives at once to make it work. But as I said at the beginning, today is for dreaming.

And how do you imagine your dream home? Let me know down in the comments! ♥
xo Candy

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  1. 28. septembra 2020 / 12:10

    Pekný vkus.. Držím palce, nech sa ti to všetko splní. Hlavne chápem co je to nedostatok priestoru ?

    • candygrant
      30. septembra 2020 / 16:50

      Ďakujem ti krásne! ♥

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