FOREO Luna 3 | Review

Skincare. So simple yet so complicated. This life routine that I dive deeper into every day is something that I feel very passionate about and everything related to this part of selfcare makes me feel unusually excited and relaxed at the same time.
Together with all of the products that the market offers I’m equally interested in all of the skin care tools. That’s the reason why I was thinking about getting this iconic cleansing brush for more than three or four years (I cannot even remember)! But the time for me to buy it came only now.

It happened one day in July when I got a belated “treat yourself” birthday gift from my grandma. After chatting with my colleague (a true real-life influencer for me!), I’ve finally decided to invest into this cute little gadget. I don’t regret a single cent, to be honest. And here’s why.

When I was standing in front of the decision (read: store shelves with all of the FOREO ranges) of which device I want to get, it didn’t take me too long to decide that I want to give my skin the experience of Foreo LUNA 3. This type comes in three versions – a blue one for combination skin, a pink one for normal skin and a lilac one for sensitive skin. Based on the pictures you can tell already that I opted for the lilac one not only because of its lovely color but mainly because my skin tendencies for irritation and redness.

If you don’t know what Foreo is – it’s a beauty company from Sweden that makes devices that help you take a better care of your skin and also teeth. In their portfolio you can find cleansing and massage gadgets that are based on T-Sonic pulsation which provides deep cleanse thanks to a deeper reach to your pores. Luna devices help to remove make-up residue, oil, sweat, dirt and dead skin cells along with gentle massage that helps with the microcirculation of the skin and therefore better absorption of all the products that you use afterwards.

I’m not sure about the other types, but Luna 3 is manageable via a mobile app which you also need to download to first start the device and set up your cleansing routine preferences. One cleansing session is divided into four segments all of which can be set differently in terms of intensity and length. Once you’ve set everything up you don’t have to use your Luna with the app anymore, however it can provide you with some useful functions.
One of them is finding your device which turns on the vibrations based on which you can easily find your brush under a pile of clothes or in your bag or suitcase.
Another one – which I love the most – is a firming massage routine. It’s a in-app guided treatment that you perform with the back side of your Luna and you can choose from four options: the eye area, the mouth area, the neck and the contours.
What I really like about Luna is that it’s a one-time investment and you don’t need to repurchase any replacement brush heads (plus Foreo says it could last you a lifetime). It’s made of antibacterial silicone that is easy to maintain, it’s 100% waterproof and it should last you 650 uses from a single charge. I cannot confirm this though because I haven’t used the charger AT ALL since buying my Luna in July!

If I said I use my Luna twice a day every day, I’d be lying. But I try to use it as often as I feel like it and there’s truly a significant difference in my skin quality and its overall look on days when I use it and days when I don’t. With Luna my skin feels so soft and has a smoother structure. I feel a difference in the product absorption to the skin as well as in its natural glow and the feeling I have. Sometimes I almost feel it breathing and I feel so good and confident in my own skin. And I can’t forget to mention that my makeup looks so much better too!
I don’t use Luna only for cleansing but sometimes also for deeper application of my serums and oils at night which makes an UNBELIEVABLE difference and I recommend everyone trying! I use the brush side for this and the back I only use for the occasional firming massage routine.

I cannot stress enough how much this device has improved my skin care game so far and as I said at the beginning, I don’t regret a single cent (from almost 200€ price, not to forget to mention). When you see it as a lifetime investment in yourself and your skin, I’d say it will pay off as you would probably waste even more money on other “miraculous” products or procedures in different salons. By any means I don’t mean to say that seeing your beautician is a waste of money! However you might not need to go that often or undergo super expensive treatments to get your skin to a point that your Luna would do for you too.

In case you feel I forgot anything, feel free to ask or you can go through Foreo webpage and make your own research but for me this is pretty much everything I needed to know before purchasing.

Do you also use a cleansing brush? Would you like to try the Foreo Luna device?


  1. 19. októbra 2020 / 21:29

    Nice post again.. 🙂 and yes, I ve been interested in foreo for some time, too, but still did not go for it. I ve got a question.. Do you need to download an app for even starting the foreo?? I dont know if I understand it right..

    • candygrant
      20. októbra 2020 / 8:56

      Thank you so much, Mirka! ♥
      I bet you’ll be happy with it once you decide to give it a try! And yes, that’s exactly what I meant. But that and the firming massage is actually the only time you really NEED the app. While cleansing your skin regularly you don’t need it unless you want to change your settings.

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