7 Bad Habits I Want To Break (And Replace Them With Good Ones)

As we said goodbye to the old year the day before yesterday, I bet many of you started to think about all the things you would like to start doing differently. And I’m definitely one of you! Surely it doesn’t matter if you decide to change something the 1st day of January or the 22nd day of August, the beginning of the new year always feels a little more accurate after all, doesn’t it?

I started to think about my list of things I’d like to change couple of weeks ago and I came up with couple I’m not proud of at all. Honestly, I’m a little ashamed of some of them and to speak about them out loud was a very painful first step, however it was something I needed to do for too long.
I realized some of those things were bothering me for years and all of them are something I created and got used to. So if I was able to make them a part of my thinking and my life, only I can be the one who will remove them.

  1. The scarcity mindset. I honestly don’t remember when I took up this mindset that I won’t get things if I talk about them but now I want to change it to manifesting all the good things. I’ve been living with this weird kind of fear for too long so I decided to step into the new decade with a new attitude.
  2. Spending the money I don’t have on things I don’t need and start saving for specific things like our wedding or honeymoon or our own apartment. I think I was never the saving-kind of person. Sure, I didn’t spend everything at once, I saved something but usually not much and only for quite a short period of time. So I decided to set real goals, write down a list of things I would save for and motivate myself this way.
  3. Buying things I don’t use or those I already have, as well as buying things just to stock up on them. I really got used to buying things that are on sale without actually needing them. Recently I bought two packages of my favorite powder even though I still have one just because I saw they will be stopped selling. And I’m also terrible with magazines – the regular printed ones – which is not good neither for the environment, nor for my budget. And that’s just the top of an iceberg… So I have to go through all my stuff to sort out everything I want to donate or sell and remember what I have to prevent myself from buying a lot of unnecessary items.
  4. Skipping meals and especially breakfast. I’m so bad with this! I always forget to eat and when I realize I’m hungry I eat anything I see and what is instantly ready to eat (see number 6). When I don’t eat, I naturally feel weak, nervous, I have a headache and I’m not very nice to people. I decided I don’t want to feel like this ever again so I need to start meal prepping or at least I need to make sure there is something healthy and real I can eat without a lot of actual cooking. Even though I love to make my own meals, when I’m starving it’s the worst thing to do!
  5. Eating a lot of artificial sugar. Ever since I remember I’ve eaten a lot of sugary meals and sweets. Last year I’ve tried a one month sugar detox with a support of my friend and lost about 4 pounds, however very soon everything fell back into old habits. So I don’t want to stop eating sugar completely, but I intend to exchange it for more natural sources like fruit or honey that have some health benefits as well. I would also like to make my own sweets like granola bars or energy balls, something like that. I’ve already marked some recipes in my favorite cook books so I will surely give it a try.
  6. Eating crappy foods. Just as I mentioned in number 4, I ate a lot of instant meals for about last year and a half. As we all know, they only contain very poor nutrients and also don’t taste very good. The only good thing about them is they are ready in the nick of time, which is not a benefit worth my health. So I promised myself not to feed my body these crappy meals and cook more instead, which I already love to do anyway. I’d like to try some new meals as I collected a couple of cook books with what seems to be a pretty good selection of delicious recipes.
  7. Procrastinating. This is my biggest girl-boss-vibe killer as I often put away things I should be doing. It’s not because I am lazy but because I know that once I start, I will not stop until everything is done. Though I really like a good hustle and the feeling of checking off the items from my to-do list, I need to learn when to take a break not to exhaust myself. This means I need to work on my time management and learn how to plan all of my activities, including the resting.

And so that’s it! If you want to see also a list of my personal and blogging/work goals, visit this post.

I would really love to know what’s on your list if you have some and even if you don’t want to share it, I wish you all the best on your difficult journey. Only you can do the change but I’m sure you already have all the power to do so!

xo Candy



  1. 2. januára 2020 / 14:55

    Well, I need to stop procrastinating and eating shitty food too 😀 Especially sugar and white flour.

    • candygrant
      2. januára 2020 / 15:20

      Good luck with your goals! I’m sure you’ll make it!

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