2020 Fall Bucket List | What I did and didn’t do

Since today, the fall is over for me. Honestly, it was a slow proces and as I mentioned in my previous post, I already carry Christmas / Winter feelings in my heart for couple of days (and maybe even weeks). With this post I want to say goodbye and close the chapter called Fall 2020. It brought many lovely memories together with some I’d rather forget and never come back to. Ever. However, these make us ourselves as well and as some wise person said: “In order to love yourself you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you”, which is one of the greatest truths. But anyway – that would be another story so let’s jump back to what I did and didn’t do from my fall bucket list!

What I did and didn’t do

¤ go for a walk with crunchy leaves all around: ✓ Kind of. I walked through piles of leaves on my ways to and from work as well as in a queue waiting for my covid test (during the Slovak nationwide testing weekend) for FIVE hours. And as my followers on instagram voted, that counts. So…
¤ bake an apple strudel: ✓ I made two and they were delish!
¤ watch the changing leaves: ✓ I looked from my window every single day searching for the slightliest color change.
¤ make a thankful-for list: ✗ Honestly, I planned to make a really pretty illustrated list I’d keep as a cute memory, but instead I tried to thank every day in my head whenever I could.
¤ go for a Pumpkin Spice Latte to Starbucks: ✓ Exactly one time and one time only. No change in the tradition.
¤ drink hot cocoa with cinnamon sticks: ✓ I did this almost every day and I want to make this habit my winter pleasure as well.
¤ go picking conkers and bring some home for decoration: ✓ I went couple times and each time I brought home some that I keep in an empty vase. What a lovely fall home decoration!
¤ buy my first LARGE Yankee Candle – with a fall related scent, of course: ✓ I got the absolutely perfect scent – Fig and Clove from the Yankee Candle Elevation collection. And I truly want to repurchase!
¤ enjoy the annual Halloween Movie Night with my husband: ✓ This is a tradition that has to be kept!
¤ re-watch all the Harry Potter movies: ✓ Come on! I’d do this every week! However we watched them all throughout the whole fall to make it more thrilling.
¤ decorate the apartment with pumpkins: ✓ This year I ony had three real and three artificial pumpkins inside and two real outside of our apartment, they truly brought a lovely atmosphere!
¤ get some fall-scented beauty products: ✓ Actually, there aren’t many to choose from in my country which is a shame but I got a lovely shower gel and body butter from the Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin limited edition. And I LOVE the scent!
¤ read 2 to 3 books: ✓ Love Style Life by Garance Doré and Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass by Lana Del Rey ♥
¤ eat (creamy) comforting soups: ✓ Oh, how I enjoyed them! If you feel like fall isn’t over for you yet, here are my >recipes<.
¤ bake sweet chestnuts at home: ✓ …and those that weren’t moldy were soo good! (Sweet chestnuts are too prone to get moldy, be careful!)
¤ get some cute fall nails done by my nail tech: ✓ I add pictures of all three of them because they were BOMB! My nail tech is the best and she does such a great job every time!
¤ buy a new fall shade of lipstick: ✗ I just decided not to waste money and went through my actual collection instead. And you know what? I found some great ones which you can find my latest blog post.
¤ make chili: ✓ Surprisingly I made chili only once this fall but it was so good! And I also shared a recipe!
¤ buy a new fall sweater: ✗ …and the reason is the same as with the lipstick.
¤ switch out my summer clothes to my fall wardrobe: ✓ This was one of the first things I did and it was so nice and refreshing.
¤ visit the ZOO: ✓ It was also one of the first things and it became my favorite memory of this fall. I love ZOOs and my most favorite animals to spend time looking at are giraffes. And every time I come, one of them keeps starring at me for such a long time I started to believe she recognizes me or something.
¤ burn all the candles I got (last year, tbh): ✗ I didn’t succeed but I did my best. I believe that by the end of the winter I’ll reach this goal.
¤ make some waffles with maple syrup: ✗ I simply didn’t feel like making them. So maybe during the winter time.
¤ eat spaghetti at my fave pasta place: ✗Thank you, covid! Now get out!!
¤ get my hair trimmed after the summer: ✓ I let my hairdresser to cut off quite a length but my hair feel so nice and healthy! I also decided for a change and instead of a V-shape (is that a thing?) I went for a straight cut. But I have no idea how they call it properly.
¤ wait for my new 2021 Ella Iconic planner delivery: ✓ It was so exciting to receive the package after all those weeks of waiting and I love my planner so much! I will definitely share a lot of pictures of it during 2021.
¤ buy new cozy fall socks: ✓ They are so cute! I bought a set of four and there are squirrels and hedgehogs on them and they are in light pink with a nice shade of brown and nude. One pair even has some golden details!
¤ make fall Spotify playlist: ✗ Kind of. I started but somehow realized I don’t know any songs giving me fall feelings. So I just created a playlist of my six most favorite songs I liked to listen to on my way to and from work. If you are interested anyway >here you go<.
¤ install fairy lights curtain: ✓ Kind of. We tried. They were up on the wall but we found out they don’t fit there right. We put them down, tried another curtain. Same story. So we put them down again, I cut my foot on some plastic shit and I bled for quite a long time. And that’s it.
¤ & make some unforgettable memories: ✓ That’s just it ♥ #grateful

And how was your fall? Did you enjoy it? If you’d like to see more pictures capturing my fall moments, find my Instagram story highlights dedicated to this fall season.

xo Candy


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