2020 blogging & life goals

The beginning of a new year is always about planning, dreaming, visualizing and setting goals. I’ve given up on New Year’s resolutions couple of years ago and I set goals instead. It’s because I consider resolutions to be rather dreams while goals are closer to plans – that’s just how I see it.
I feel like everyone else also knows that New Year’s resolutions only last couple of days or weeks and some may even say it’s just another way to make yourself feel like a failure already at the very beginning of the year. Calling them goals is more motivating for me and it helps me to stay on track.
I believe in the power of a public commitment and instead of keeping my goals secret I’d like to share them with you this time so that I can also share my attempts, wins and fails throughout the year and maybe also help you to stay motivated.


1. Learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom properly.
I’ve been struggling with all the functions since the very first day so I need to learn how to work with these programmes and make the most of them.

2. Reach the ‘Swipe up’ function on Instagram stories.
Yes, I know that means having 10 000 followers which is something I honestly cannot even imagine, but I can still make it my goal, right? I’d really love to be able to share there all the web sites, blog posts, e-shops etc. with you right within my Instagram stories

3. Improve my English.
I think I need to improve my accent and my vocabulary a lot and I’d also like to learn to speak more fluently and calmly. I use too much ‘ehms’ and I want to say everything at once as well which is both hard to edit in a video and it also makes me doubt my speaking abilities as such.

4. Stick to the plan and be consistent.
I’ve already had problems with this in the past so I decided to work on being consistent and follow the schedule in terms of my online content. I’ve set certain time and days for publishing videos and blog posts that I’d like to stick to no matter what.

5. Create a matching Instagram feed.
Last but not least, I’ve always wanted to have one of those matching Instagram feeds I’ve always admired. There were several attempts but none of them lasted for too long.
This year I really want to create one of my own. So maybe learning how to work with PS & LR, I’ll create my own preset…


1. Learn how to say ‘NO’.
As I’ve read in The Daily Stoic recently: ”The more you say no to the things that don’t matter, the more you can say yes to the things that do”.
There have been so many times I said yes just to please someone else or not to upset them which led to me being the upset one. And because I was finally able to decide what kind of life I wanted, I’m planning on saying no to everything which isn’t that!

2. Be disciplined.
Discipline was never my strongest trait but I found out you can never always be motivated so you have to learn to be disciplined. The lack of discipline gave me hard times and made me feel guilty so many times before and I don’t want to feel like that anymore.

3. Create a work-life balance.
Having both full-time and part-time job is sometimes hard to manage. I also don’t have fixed working hours so I sometimes work late at night including weekends. Last year, this led to not seeing my family for more than two months (and it happened more than once!).
This year I decided to work till 8 pm Monday to Friday and till 3pm on weekends at maximum. Period.

4. Try some kind of feminine sport.
I’ve always wanted to try pole dance, aerial hoop, ballet or pilates but I was always afraid. I call them ”feminine sports” because I think there’s a lot of feminine energy involved by which I don’t want to say men cannot workout this way by any means!
PS: I’ve also always wanted to try burlesque.

5. Eat regularly.
Does this even need an explanation?

2020, you will hopefully be the year of change. The year of chasing even the smallest dreams. And the year of living the life I’ve always wanted!

xo Candy


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